My Hike to The Big River to View Beautiful Colors


This was taken on the Big River here in Missouri at the waterfall. I have several spots I go to capture my photography. Here is a little history

autumn peggy franz photos
The Big River is a tributary of the Meramec River in east-central Missouri. The river rises in western Iron County, near the summit of Johnson Mountain and the locale of Enough; it flows through Washington County, Saint Francois County, and Jefferson County. It forms part of the boundary between Jefferson County and Saint Francois County and also part of the boundary between Jefferson County and Washington County. It empties into the Meramec River opposite Eureka, where the Meramec forms the border between Jefferson County and Saint Louis County. The river flows through Washington State Park, St. Francois State Park, and the Lead Belt mining district. Like many other Ozark streams, the Big River has entrenched meanders; its valley is typically about half a mile wide, sometimes much narrower, and the valley is usually from 150 to 400 feet (46 to 120 m) deep.


I have been Nominated “The Versatile Blogger Award”


 I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!  Sweet!  Tis so excites me!   More about the award here.
I have responsibilities, and I drop the ball sorry! I did not know I had to pass on! So I am told, so here goes. .  Thank the person who gave you the nomination. 
Thanks to  Love your Blog very much!  .
 I have to share 7 things about my self !ugggg I am not good at talking about myself So here it goes!!
1.  I am married for 28 years  whew!!! I know long time these days LOL 
2.  I love photography  Ya Think??? 🙂
3.  I work full time,at trying to find a job that makes me happy. I worked at the local shelter for dogs and cats ,but to physical  hurt my back so ,I had to quit :((( That is my Love Animals!!
4.  I miss Patrick Swayze !!! He was my favorite actor:(
5. Oh  I LOVE ANIMALS Did I say that 🙂
6.  I am not a good writer so that is why I take pictures!! So if you all see grammar errors, PLEASE  just ignore 
Well I am glad that over !!
 Now I am supposed to nominate 5 other blogs for the award.  Then go back to their blogs and tell them!  Whew!  
Most Favorite is 

The Reflection


This is a Reflection of the clouds and trees on the river.


Byrnesville Mill

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Along the Big River in Jefferson County, not far from St. Louis.The town of Byrnesville, I was drawn upriver to a scenic dam & waterfall.
Byrnesville mill was the center of commerce for the young town of Byrnesville, Mo. from the mid 1800’s and into the 20th century.

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