My Love for Horses Favorite Photo’s


I just wanted to share my most favorite photo’s of my Horse Photography ­čÖé


love horses  name-

DSC_0119 barrel1 racer

DSC_0468 Horses DSC_4464 name DSC_0116 horses name DSC_44032 name

DSC_2527   name horses fence 2

DSC_4443 horse eye name

DSC_4453 horse eatting name

DSC_4492 name

DSC_5053 romantic named

DSC_5911 named

DSC_5935 named

horse 1

Horses Field romantic name

jorses names

My Field of Dreams Horse Photography

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Sound of Thunder Here comes the Herd of Horses


I just love that sound of Thunder when they run to see me:)  I stop by often by  my house to give these guys treats. Can you tell they are happy to see me?? Apples and Carrots in hand. I just love them. They are so Beautiful!!! See the Black one His name is T-Bone. Wonder why they named him that ! LOL He is the sweetest guy.

Love of Horses

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I captured this on a road trip also. I am always looking for horses. They are my favorite. The one is looking at me saying,” WHAT” LOL.

My love of Horses

Big Beauty My Love of Horses

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I saw this horse eating . He was so hugh! I say about 17 hands high! What a gorgeous boy:)I was so ecited to be lucky to love on him and the family that owns him let me brush  him as well. What a exciting day for me.


Pure Love

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This picture goes right to my heart. My love of horses is so deep. They have a spirit about them that┬ámesmerized’s me!