Just a Touch of Spring


I wanted to share a little touch of Spring Beauty. I am so ready for the warm weather . Enjoy!!

My name is Peggy 
My passion is Photography of wildlife and nature of all sorts, 
My Love is for animals, 
So I combine them both! What a better way to enjoy what you do. 
I am Proud that I have been… 

‘Featured in the Missouri Conservation’ Featured Photo of The Month 
‘True Love’ Mates for Life Roosting Cardinal Birds. 
‘Best in Missouri 2011’ 3rd Place ‘ Historical Sites’  “My Cover Bridge”
Snap Fish Red Summer Featuring ‘My Big Red Cardinal’ 2nd Place  As well as Birds and Bloom


PLEASE ALWAYS REMEMBER THESE PHOTOGRAPHS ARE COPYRIGHT, Protected by United States Copyright and the Property of FranzsFeaturedFotos, Peggy Franz


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