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Animal Rescue Stories With A HAPPY ENDING


I am writing this story and showing you pictures of happy ending.  I am a volunteer photographer for the Open Door Sanctuary here in Missouri(House Springs). One of the largest  NO KILL shelters in the Midwest.

We all see these sad stories of animal abuse ,injuries and Seniors animals  and never get to see the happing endings. I am bring you a Happy Ending. I do not have  all the pictures  of the before story ,but .  You can check  for some of them. Each picture will come with  there own amazing  story and what they look like now.


Cooper (formerly Dodger) came to Open Door in the fall of 2013 with severe spinal cord trauma caused by a pellet gun wound. Veterinarians determined his abuser shot the four month old black lab mix puppy intentionally at close range. Cooper underwent emergency surgery to remove the bullet which was lodged tightly in his spine. Thankfully, he pulled through this risky surgery. With help of Nature’s Variety and several other supporters, Open Door was able to afford this lifesaving procedure along with his aftercare. Cooper completed several months of hydrotherapy, a water based rehabilitation treatment to help him walk again. Risa Zwerling was kind enough to foster him until he was able to return to Open Door. The day he returned, Open Door employees threw him a welcome home party and found him the perfect family to go home with—the Lankaus. Earl and Emily Lankau were touched by his story. They also had experience caring for a special needs dog in the past and had the time to devote to Cooper’s recovery. Miraculously, Cooper can walk and play like any other dog which he enjoys doing in his new fenced in back yard. He loves playing fetch and enjoys walks with Emily every morning. The Lankaus say that they “spoil” Cooper these days with treats, toys, and tons of attention (which is exactly what we love to hear!). Although Cooper had a rough start to his life, the Lankaus are making sure he will live the rest of it happy, healthy, and loved.



A kind woman found Miracle lying in a roadside ditch while driving to work one day. Sadly, the woman drove by Miracle several times over the previous four days and thought she was already dead, but that was not the case. When the woman realized she was alive, she put Miracle’s tiny, lifeless body into her car and brought her to Open Door to see if she could be saved. Miracle’s body was seriously injured. Her pelvis was broken and her body was bruised and full of sores. She was also emaciated and dehydrated. Veterinarians determined that Miracle was either hit by or thrown from a moving vehicle. Miraculously, Miracle need and quiet place so her  condition could stabilized. She went to live in foster care with Peggy Franz, a Open Door  current volunteer photographer for the sanctuary. Peggy was dedicated to helping special needs animals and willing to put in the extra time and effort it would take to rehabilitate Miracle. Two years later, Peggy and Miracle are still two peas in a pod after Peggy decided to officially adopt her. Now, Miracle enjoys spending her free time snuggling with Peggy and her husband Skip, sunning herself for hours on end, and playing with her two Corgi siblings. She is one happy girl living the good life at the Franz household and couldn’t be in better hands.


Miracle and Me  🙂 This is my Special Needs Dog and Love her with all my heart.

Here is Miracle’s Progress Story


Here is Henry

Henry (formerly Frankie) was adopted as a kitten in 2009 and lived with his original owner for four years. In 2013, his owner passed away leaving Henry without a place to call home. Before her passing, she left a very heartfelt note explaining how much she loved him and how it was very important upon her passing that he be placed in the absolute best home after she was gone. Henry came to Open Door and went to Petsmart so more people would see him, but no one expressed interest. He was an adult cat with a shy personality towards strangers which scared people away from adopting him. The chances of Henry finding a home started to seem bleak until a very special Petsmart volunteer fell in love with him. Heather Krapf volunteers there on the weekends and formed a special bond with Henry and knew he would be the perfect addition to her family. He’s now living with Heather and her husband and has become much more social towards new people. He loves to cuddle up on the bathroom rug for an afternoon nap and is obsessed with furry toys! Henry enjoys the company of his kitty brothers and sisters—Artie, Avery, Frankie and George who are also from Open Door.


Beans (formerly Mr. T) came to Open Door with a life threatening injury. His jaw was broken in two places and employees rushed him to Watson Road Animal Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. Although Beans pulled through surgery, he couldn’t eat or drink due to his injury. Veterinarians placed a feeding tube in his trachea. Fortunately, Beans made a full recovery and has since become Watson Road Animal Hospital’s door greeter where he gets constant attention from staff and customers. Monica, one of the Veterinarian Technicians who helped save Beans immediately fell in love with his adorable face and playful demeanor. Monica made the decision to officially adopt Beans and give him the best life a cat could ever ask for.

Hudson came to Open Door in rough shape and it was clear whoever owned him previously did not take good care of him. His coat was nearly gone, his teeth were bad and he had scars and BB gun wounds on his frail body. Despite a life time of neglect and abuse, Hudson quickly became a staff favorite due to his sweet temperament and quirky personality. Veterinarians determined Hudson was a senior dog, around 8 years old. Although he was an older boy, employees never lost hope that the right person would see him and fall in love. This is exactly what happened when his new family came to Open Door looking for a new addition to their family. They decided to take Hudson home and give him the best years he’s ever had. Today, Hudson is enjoying his life at the Wright household. He loves chasing squirrels, cuddling up on his Open Door blanket and going on long walks. The Wrights even take Hudson out to dinner and for frozen custard when the mood strikes! Hudson’s story shows that senior dogs can still find a place to call home and live out the remainder of their years in peace and contentment.

The second picture is me and Hudson. I took care of Hudson at the shelter and when I got to go take pictures of his family  it was such a reunion for me. He remembered me that made my day.

Handsome Hank
Handsome Hank (formerly Tennessee Jed) came to Open Door in the summer of 2014. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department seized him and brought him to our sanctuary. He was very skinny, dehydrated, scared, and full of ticks—all signs that he had been neglected for quite some time. Due to his neglect, Hank was shy around new people which unfortunately makes a dog harder to place into a home. Hank needed a family that would be very loving, patient, and understanding—and that’s exactly what he found when his new family decided to adopt him. These days Hank is living a dog’s dream at the Hoff residence complete with a large fenced backyard, customized doggie door, and long jogs with Terri every morning. He loves his baby pool and has a blast chasing the water hose. When he’s not playing outside, he loves to lounge on the Hoff’s couch and watch the world go by. We think Hank’s new life suits him very well.

This is Jelly Bean

Someone dumped Jellybean (formerly Millie) at Open Door’s front gate. Jellybean must have known which way would lead her to safety because she wandered right through our gate, headed up the driveway, and greeted employees standing outside with her tail wagging and her big brown eyes starting up at them. Millie was a senior dog which unfortunately decreased her chances of finding a permanent home. Not more than a month after the day she wandered through our gate, Her new family from  House Springs Animal Clinic came to Open Door looking for a new dog. Although there were plenty of youngsters to choose from, Tynette chose Jellybean. Now Jellybean enjoys a comfortable life with Tynette and her family, including her two kitty brothers, Ray and Swan and her doggie brother, Weezy.


Zany (formerly Tarzan) was stuck in a tree for five days before Open Door was able to rescue him. A citizen called the Jefferson County Humane Society to report Zany’s predicament, but the property owner refused to pay to get him down to safety. That’s when Open Door joined forces with the Jefferson County Humane Society and Kevin Hirtz to successfully remove him from the tree. Zany’s calm temperament made him the perfect kitten to showcase at Kirkwood’s Green Tree festival which Open Door participates in every year. It was a great thing he went because it just so happened that Boyd and Barbara Jones were enjoying the festival that day and fell in love with him. The Boyd’s adopted Zany along with 2 other Open Door kittens that day—Twizzle and Zoey. All three kittens love their new home and settled in nicely. Zany loves wrestling with Twizzle and Zoey and the Jones’ say he is nothing but sweet and laid back. His favorite pastime is playing with his toys and chasing toilet paper around the house. Not only does Zany have the ideal temperament, he also has striking features and we agree with his owners that he might have a feline modeling career in his future!

Dot (formerly Nala) was born without half of her back right leg. Although her birth defect did not affect her mobility or quality of life, people seemed to overlook Dot because of this perceived “flaw.” She was also an adult cat which made it even harder for her to find a forever family. After months of searching for the perfect owner, Steven Davis came to Open Door one October day in 2011 looking to add a new cat to his household. Steven fell in love with Dot and appreciated her flaw as something that made Dot unique and special. Dot now lives in South St. Louis with Steven and his wife Kristen along with their two dogs Gus and Alice. She enjoys of lavish life full of pillows, windowsills, cat toys, and cozy places to lounge the day away. Although Dot can be shy when meeting new people, she warms up quickly and serves as Steven and Kristen’s alarm clock each morning. This gorgeous girl is living happily ever in her new home with people who can give her the love she deserves.

Open Door received a call back in July of 2012 asking for help catching a cat that somehow managed to get her head stuck inside a peanut butter jar. It was a critical situation for the young cat because she could not breathe properly, drink water, or eat. After four days of attempting to capture her, Open Door’s Executive Director Tracie Quackenbush was finally successful. She was severely dehydrated, emaciated, and needed a lot of love and recovery time after going through this ordeal. Open Door staff named her Peanut and the name stuck. Thankfully, she made a full recovery and went home with a wonderful family where she is the queen of the castle. Peanut fits in perfectly with the Lappe family and is fully enjoying her life. She enjoys spending time with her new owners, Jason and Stacy and their two children, Jonah and Emma. Some of Peanut’s favorite pastimes include watching Animal Planet’s Too Cute, playing in Emma’s doll house, and running around with the families’ Corgi, Reece.

Foxie had a rough time at Open Door and due to illness, ended up going blind in one eye. Due to her blindness, Foxie had impaired depth perception which made her unsure and shy around new visitors at the shelter. Since she would run and hide when anyone tried to meet her, it was extremely difficult to place her in a home. Foxie was overlooked again and again. One day, Steve and Catherine Albrecht came to Open Door looking specifically for a cat who was having trouble finding a family or had special needs. They met Foxie and fell in love with her right away. She was exactly what the Albrechts were looking for and they had the patience and compassion to work with her. Today, Foxie is living with the a family enjoying her new life. Although she’s still blind, she’s gaining more confidence by the day and will even come out to greet new visitors from time to time. Foxie’s favorite hobbies include lying in the sun and playing with Catherine’s homemade pipe cleaner toys. She also loves to cuddle with Steve and Catherine every night before bed and is never more than a few feet away from them. The Albrechts also adopted Allie, a dog from Open Door who Foxie adores. Thanks to the Albrechts, Foxie is living happily ever after with her new family.

Open Door employees rescued Hershey from the back of a trailer home where she was tied up for weeks and left for dead. On the day she was rescued, the wind-chill reached -33 degrees so we knew her situation was extremely urgent. Hershey’s water bowl was frozen solid and her chain was embedded into the icy ground. She was unable to take shelter and with her short coat, she was completely unprotected from the unforgiving wind and subzero temperatures. We were incredibly relieved and lucky that she was still alive. Employees used bolt cutters to Hershey free and wrapped her shivering body in warm towels while driving her to safety. In addition to being hypothermic, dehydrated, and skinny, Hershey had a severe case of heartworms. It was obvious she had been neglected for quite some time. Despite the hardship Hershey faced, she was friendly and seemed to love life which is exactly what the Malson family saw in her the day they visited Open Door. Charlie and Heather along with their children William, Adrian, and Spencer, fell in love with Hershey’s outgoing personality and cheerful disposition. Now Hershey is healthy and loves to explore everything. She loves to sun herself, ride in Charlie’s truck, and she’s even been kayaking on the Big River! Hershey is fully enjoying life now and the Malsons are making sure her new adventure is a great one.

DSC_0103-1-Edit-1untitled name


Please also remember it takes a army of People and and a lot of Dedicated workers and Volunteers to help these animals. ,So if you can are want help  please donate or if you live in the Missouri area here is a link for things they need and donations are very much appreciated . Please check out the amazing links I have provided. . 

This will be part of the calendar that Open Door will sell for 2015. I am only giving you the short version. The calendar will have their pictures ,bios and most of the families that they live with. I was so honored to be a part of this as the photographer to see the happy families talk about there new found fur friend.

Special thanks given to Lindsey 🙂 a ODAS employee who put a labor of love into this calender.







      FEB 6, 2013   UPDATE, UPDATE   ,UPDATE  

Well it has been a year we have had Miracle and  I just wanted to show you a picture of the difference and tell you she is a great Blessing. We just love her so much.            



Collage Before and after mira

Hello everyone!! Sorry to be absent again for way to long ! I have missed you all! Trying to get acclimated to my new job ,Taking care of my Miracle!!

 I wanted to give you a update on Miracle!! 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words! In this case it is!! She is doing FANTASTIC ! And she is MINE! SHE IS A OFFICAL PRETEND CORGI ! 

I decided that I could not give her up to after what she had been through. I just did not trust anyone to give her the care and love she needed. So my little GIMP is mine! 

WHEN SHE WAS HIT BY CAR AND LEFT  IN DITCH FOR 5 DAYS and Rescued That was the day we fell in LOVE!

Pelvic and Hip Fractures They did not expect her to live . So I fostered this little dog and the rest is history!

                                                                       THIS IS NOW!! HEALTH HAPPY LITTLE GIRL



My Favorite quote

                       ANIMALS ARE SUCH AGREEABLE FRIENDS-they ask no questions,they pass no criticisms

Puppy Love

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These are rescue puppies. They are about 4 weeks old. They are just so cute. I love puppy breath!!!

“Miracle” UPDATE 3/5/2012 The Dog that SURVIVED by being hit by car and left in ditch for a week !


3/5/2012 update 

She is doing so good!! The vet said she is recovering faster then expected! YEAH!! She is walking a playing with the other dogs. She also is bearing weight on the really bad leg with toe touching!!More then they expected for just 1 month:)Here is some pictures with getting to meet the Grand Kids. She likes Kids another YEAH!! and video of her walking and in the yard.



 New Update on our MIRACLE girl!!! She is progressing very well. She is even walking some . We can not get over how fast and strong willed this little girl is!! We are thrilled:)














Hello everyone! Sorry for my absence but kinda of have been busy . I have not been out taking pictures, but I have been busy taking care of this little Miracle! She is a Chihuahua and Dachshund Mix

That is her name “MIRACLE” (Mira for short) This poor little girl was hit by a car and left in a ditch for about a week. That is what they estimated. She has a fracture pelvis . I am now her foster MOM! Trying to get her better. The Open Door Sanctuary was looking for an environment that was quiet so she could heal. She is  doing better. I see progress everyday. She is on IV Fluids almost everyday. She does not want to drink yet. She however eats like a little PIG. Have to fatten her up. She weighed 5.0 lbs when we got her. I take her back to the vet later this week. Prayers everyone for weight gain and good health to come!!

I wanted to share this story because I really think that she is a MIRACLE given to me by God. ‘ That is  right!! She saved my Life as well! When I was very down. We were suppose to meet:)Thanks to everyone who follows me!!!

If interested I can try to  post daily!!

This is when we brought her Home

Pardon my husband guys will be guys!!


THIS WAS TODAY 2/10/2012

She is getting a little better each day. I hope her progress continues:)