Newfoundland Puppy Mix


Look at this little cutie! What a joy to capture ! This is a Newfoundland puppy mix. Some fun facts about the Breed.

The Newfoundland is a working dog. Newfoundlands can be black, brown, or black and white (Landseer). They were originally bred and used as a working dog for fishermen in the Dominion of Newfoundland (which is now part of Canada). They are known for their giant size, tremendous strength, calm dispositions, and loyalty. Newfoundland dogs excel at water rescue/lifesaving because of their muscular build, thick double coat, webbed feet, and innate swimming abilities.


PUPPY 2  NAME-0426

PUPPY 3   NAME-0430

“The Shadow ” Labrador Retrievers Loving a Cool Dip


Well really nothing great! I just thought this was a unique picture how I captured the dogs. I call this the” Shadow”. These 2 labs play every day  in the pond. I just love how the black lab is looking trying to decide weather to get in or not. Now the yellow lab does at least 10 laps in and out LOL. Just Love to watch them 🙂