Deer Season Approaching Take a Look at My Captures

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I know that it is deer season coming up as well as turkey.I just have never seen a Turkey nor a Deer together..Is that normal?
I thought I share my captures of them. I know there is many people  may  honor that season ,but I am not one of those. I also know the need to have to do it. I just thought I share a fun moment with you as well I just show off a few of my shoots!!

Turkey and Deer

BUCK-0102 BUCKY NAMEDeer x2 name-2 Bay Fawn Peggy -name

protecting our heros deer name


Baby Rabbits I Raised


I was cutting the law and found this nest of baby bunnies, However it looked like something got into . I found 3 dead and 2 alive. So I got in the car and went to the store to get the formula that wildlife santuary told me to get. Here I am with a syringe and formula trying to save them. Every 4 hours. Whew! I felt like I had a baby myself. My husband thought I was crazy,but this is was were my heart lies..With nature. I was sadden when I woke up early morning to 1 of them not making it. I cried like a baby. I put on my big girl pants and said”I will get this one to survive if I have to get up all night long. Days past and he was getting bigger. I had to call the wildlife people to find out what to do from here. They ask me to bring it in and have it checked out and I did. He was ready! to go off on his own. It was such a bitter sweet moment. I was again with a “empty nest”. I let him go into the woods in hope that he would survive. I could only have happy thoughts. Here is some photos of him. I hope you enjoy!

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“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.”~unknown