“Miracle” UPDATE 3/5/2012 The Dog that SURVIVED by being hit by car and left in ditch for a week !


3/5/2012 update 

She is doing so good!! The vet said she is recovering faster then expected! YEAH!! She is walking a playing with the other dogs. She also is bearing weight on the really bad leg with toe touching!!More then they expected for just 1 month:)Here is some pictures with getting to meet the Grand Kids. She likes Kids another YEAH!! and video of her walking and in the yard.



 New Update on our MIRACLE girl!!! She is progressing very well. She is even walking some . We can not get over how fast and strong willed this little girl is!! We are thrilled:)














Hello everyone! Sorry for my absence but kinda of have been busy . I have not been out taking pictures, but I have been busy taking care of this little Miracle! She is a Chihuahua and Dachshund Mix

That is her name “MIRACLE” (Mira for short) This poor little girl was hit by a car and left in a ditch for about a week. That is what they estimated. She has a fracture pelvis . I am now her foster MOM! Trying to get her better. The Open Door Sanctuary was looking for an environment that was quiet so she could heal. She is  doing better. I see progress everyday. She is on IV Fluids almost everyday. She does not want to drink yet. She however eats like a little PIG. Have to fatten her up. She weighed 5.0 lbs when we got her. I take her back to the vet later this week. Prayers everyone for weight gain and good health to come!!

I wanted to share this story because I really think that she is a MIRACLE given to me by God. ‘ That is  right!! She saved my Life as well! When I was very down. We were suppose to meet:)Thanks to everyone who follows me!!!

If interested I can try to  post daily!!

This is when we brought her Home

Pardon my husband guys will be guys!!


THIS WAS TODAY 2/10/2012

She is getting a little better each day. I hope her progress continues:)

A Donkey Has His own House??? Made Me Smile


You never know what you are going to come across when I put a little gravel in my travel and take the back roads!! I just love that song! I had to pull over so I could take this photo and while I was trying to take it all I could do is laugh!! He has his own little house:) That is so cool!! Great owners:)


A Fawn Saved Will Touch your Heart


I just love these stories!!! What a great day for that baby deer:) Some of you might already have seen, but still had to share!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Thursday 🙂

I have a hard time trying to share . What am I doing wrong?? I wanted the video to come up not just the link??A-Fawn-Rescue-That-Will-Touch-Your-Heart-865.html

Sound of Thunder Here comes the Herd of Horses


I just love that sound of Thunder when they run to see me:)  I stop by often by  my house to give these guys treats. Can you tell they are happy to see me?? Apples and Carrots in hand. I just love them. They are so Beautiful!!! See the Black one His name is T-Bone. Wonder why they named him that ! LOL He is the sweetest guy.

Corgi Puppy in Bird Bath


OK here  we go I was washing dishes , Yes I am  the dishwasher :) I look out my kitchen window and this is what I found.  This was no bird in my bird bath. It is my Corgi Puppy!!I had not had laughed that hard in a long time. I almost peed my self!:) Who knew? How did she get up there? She is only 20 lbs . 

She had been running with the other dogs along the fence line. When she does that she gets hot and looks for water. Well she forgot this is Missouri and the water is frozen. She was still going to lay there and cool off on the ice. This made my day and made me  smile so I hope it does for you as well!! 🙂

“The Shadow ” Labrador Retrievers Loving a Cool Dip


Well really nothing great! I just thought this was a unique picture how I captured the dogs. I call this the” Shadow”. These 2 labs play every day  in the pond. I just love how the black lab is looking trying to decide weather to get in or not. Now the yellow lab does at least 10 laps in and out LOL. Just Love to watch them 🙂

Love of Horses

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I captured this on a road trip also. I am always looking for horses. They are my favorite. The one is looking at me saying,” WHAT” LOL.


My love of Horses