Puppies and More Puppies

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I was so happy to capture these sweet ,adorable and just beautiful puppies. I am the lucky one. I do Charity work for Open Door Sanctuary in House Springs Missouri. It is my get away from the world as well as giving back in my community. Open Door is one of the Largest no-kill shelter in Missouri,Arkansas, Illinois as well as Iowa and Kansas. This place rocks with the love and care they provide on daily basis to so many animals. Like I said, it is my get away for JOY!

LOVE I Just enjoy the puppy breath as well as all the kisses. I could be so stress out and then I get the phone call they need some photo’s for some project and I get so excited. It is like a rush. You have to know that the Open Door is a great place for all the animals. They are so spoiled and well taken care of there. They call this Work?? I call it HEAVEN  🙂

Spots on nose

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Funny and Cute Photography With Attitude


I had 2 Photo Shoots this weekend and It was so much fun!! This little guy was such a characheter as you will see in my captures. Just plain and Simple fun 🙂  These were captured a the Famous Sandy Creek Cover Bridge in Jefferson County Mo.

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Great Portrait Shoots

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baby girl 4 NAME-0438


ZANE 3   NAME-2385



boxer name

DSC_0119 barrel1 racer

sophie 2- name small

DSC_0709 Little Girl 2 Name

DSC_0722 Mom and Daughter

DSC_0348 zane 2

DSC_0326 baby 5

Such A Cute Little Girl My Photo Shoot

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Just a Beautiful Day for a Photo Shoot. I love taking photos in a natural way and outdoors.No posing. Kids just acting like kids 🙂

A Pretty Little Girl

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I know that this is not nature , but still had to post . She is such a beautiful little girl! I had the pleasure of taking her portrait.