Hiking in Hickory Canyon


I just love hiking when I can get out. I loved doing this beautiful hidden gem. This is Hickory Canyons. Located in St. Genevieve , Mo . It is a moderate hike with lots of up and downs along with many different  things to see. We went from seeing frozen icicles  to melting and cascading  waterfalls. The 1 mile hike is very unexpected in the winter months. It was a a warmer day so we  got see both. Frozen and melting. This is very active when after a rain. This is a great hike for a mile . 

Natural Features Description:
This area is botanically rich, supporting 541 native vascular plant species and 152 bryophyte (liverworts and mosses) species. A number of these species are considered glacial relicts. Glacial relicts are species that were more common in Missouri 12,000 years ago during the last Ice Age. Since then, the climate has warmed, forcing some species to inhabit micro-climates that mimic the cool, moist conditions of glacial times. Glacial relicts at Hickory Canyons include hay-scented fern, fir clubmoss and winterberry. The area is rich in fern species with over a dozen species represented.


5 thoughts on “Hiking in Hickory Canyon

  1. Great pic of Ice at Hickory Canyon, I too was out there in February 2016. I live here in Farmington and go out often. I have made YouTube videos of some my hikes out there and I am in the process of getting them uploaded at this moment. I was hunting for some info about Hickory and came across your link and have included it on my info description. You do great work Peggy.


      • Hi Peggy, I finally got all my videos uploaded to YouTube yesterday and I realized that it was Jan 11, 2016 that i made a video of what I call an “Ice Show” there at Hickory. I think it is an awesome place.

        The Bluffs side has some deep gorges that I am to wanting to explore next. I have followed the creek down from the Falls until I ran into private property. It is a nice place for photos. Overall though the green is pretty by itself I prefer the woods in the Fall and early Spring. Perhaps fate will cross our paths down at Hickory one day.

        April 7, 2015 when I first started doing videos, I went out there after we had storms in the area for a few days and the Falls looked like a mini Niagara. I have been told by locals that they have never heard or seen the Falls like that. I regret that I did not have a better camera. I have went out several times since after a storm has went through but it did not come close as it was April 7th.

        Anyway take care and wishing you the best…


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