19-month-old with Down Syndrome featured in Calgary ad campaign

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What a story 🙂

Global News

CALGARY – An ad campaign that gained fame in the United States has inspired a High River, Alberta mom to feature her 19-month-old daughter in photos for local Calgary designers.

“She has Down Syndrome, but she’s gorgeous,” said mom Krista Rowland. “It’s showing beauty comes in all different forms.”

Called “Changing the Face of Beauty,” it was started by Illinois’ Katie Driscoll and Steve English in 2012 to promote the use of special needs models in mainstream ads.

“It’s not the norm, right?” said Rowland. “The norm is the high cheekbones, perfect-shaped face, blonde hair, blue eyes—that’s what society views as perfection. But with this shift, society is realizing perfection comes in different abilities and shapes and sizes. It’s such a wonderful campaign and a beautiful project.”

Adele Changing the face of beauty 19-month-old Adele will be featured in a local ad campaign that promotes models with special needs.

Rowland’s daughter, Adele, will be featured in…

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