“Miracle” UPDATE 3/5/2012 The Dog that SURVIVED by being hit by car and left in ditch for a week !


3/5/2012 update 

She is doing so good!! The vet said she is recovering faster then expected! YEAH!! She is walking a playing with the other dogs. She also is bearing weight on the really bad leg with toe touching!!More then they expected for just 1 month:)Here is some pictures with getting to meet the Grand Kids. She likes Kids another YEAH!! and video of her walking and in the yard.



 New Update on our MIRACLE girl!!! She is progressing very well. She is even walking some . We can not get over how fast and strong willed this little girl is!! We are thrilled:)














Hello everyone! Sorry for my absence but kinda of have been busy . I have not been out taking pictures, but I have been busy taking care of this little Miracle! She is a Chihuahua and Dachshund Mix

That is her name “MIRACLE” (Mira for short) This poor little girl was hit by a car and left in a ditch for about a week. That is what they estimated. She has a fracture pelvis . I am now her foster MOM! Trying to get her better. The Open Door Sanctuary was looking for an environment that was quiet so she could heal. She is  doing better. I see progress everyday. She is on IV Fluids almost everyday. She does not want to drink yet. She however eats like a little PIG. Have to fatten her up. She weighed 5.0 lbs when we got her. I take her back to the vet later this week. Prayers everyone for weight gain and good health to come!!

I wanted to share this story because I really think that she is a MIRACLE given to me by God. ‘ That is  right!! She saved my Life as well! When I was very down. We were suppose to meet:)Thanks to everyone who follows me!!!

If interested I can try to  post daily!!

This is when we brought her Home

Pardon my husband guys will be guys!!


THIS WAS TODAY 2/10/2012

She is getting a little better each day. I hope her progress continues:)

22 thoughts on ““Miracle” UPDATE 3/5/2012 The Dog that SURVIVED by being hit by car and left in ditch for a week !

  1. What a sweet face she has. As you say, hopefully she progresses with healing a little each day and starts drinking on her own.

    The will to survive must be extremely strong and she deserves every chance you can give her.

    Good luck with your little miracle !

  2. Thank you!! 🙂 She does have a strong will! for such a little dog. She does have a great face:) How could anyone leave her after hitting her. I just do not get it! but I am blessed to help her heal. I have faith that she will. If not then I did the best I can. Go day to day!
    Thanks again for following me!
    You always have such nice things to say!

  3. Hi,
    This did bring on the tears, the poor little thing, what harm would it have done to stop, and at least get the dog to a vet or something, what is wrong with people these days that a lot don’t care about anything. 😦

    She is so beautiful, and so scared, I really feel for her, I hope with all my heart that she makes it, she deserves too, after staying alive all that time. What a great name you chose for her. It would be very nice if you kept us informed on her progress.

    • Mags,
      thanks you so much!! Sometimes I feel I I drive you all crazy!! Supposed to be show casing photography but things like this just seem to get in there.
      I will keep you informed! Thanks so much for your interest!!. If you could maybe reblog it:) if you dont mind. I am trying to get her out there that we can help all types of life..
      Thanks for your support and kind words!! And people who care like I do!!

  4. you have got to be joking?!?! she IS a MIRACLE! Such a suitable name for her. Thank you for the updates, and I hope she will recover fully.

    Unfortunately, a few years ago my chihuahua was hit by a car too…but I believe she fell into a coma when I had to carry her from the street and into our home. She passed away shortly with my tears dripping onto her cheeks. She was so loving, happy, and brought such cheer into our home…

    I am so happy to hear that Mira survived! I can’t believe it…again! *phew!

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