Atlas Moth The Largest in the World


Atlas moth  is is a large Moth found in the tropical and subtropical forests of Southeast Asia, southern China, common across the Malay archipelago, Thailand to Indonesia.

These moths are considered the largest in the world in terms of total wing surface area (65 square inches). In Hong Kong the Cantonese name translates as “snake’s head moth“, referring to apical extension of the forewing, which bears a passing resemblance to a snake’s head.

Another interesting characteristic of the Atlas moth is that it doesn’t have fully developed mouth-parts, so it can’t feed…ever.

It survives on the larval fat reserves, throughout their entire 1-2 weeks adult lives.

I was at the Butterfly House here in St. Louis and I got to watch this Hatch from its cocoon. This was amazing!! so I thought I would share it with the Nature lovers! The very first Picture is what they look like when there wings dry.

OHHH I ate to many Nuts!


I just had to post  this photos. It was just to funny not too! Please if you like add a caption of your own and have fun with it! I would love it!

Red Shoulder Hawk


I have a pair of Red Shoulder Hawks that live in my trees. I got to capture this wonderful Raptor Bird. Look at those colors and detail of the tail.


A Ducks Reflection


Hello!! Is that really me??? 

Sweet Kiss


I captured this at St. Louis Zoo.  I just thought it was so sweet how they were loving on each other.


“BIG RED ” Cardinal In the Snow

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This photo was captured at Mastodon  State Park in Missouri. I also won 2nd place with SNAP FISH photo contest. This is one of my most favorite one! The colors and the detail is so beautiful:)  


Little House on the Prairie


Hiking at the Shaw Nature Reserve in Missouri, I came across this wonderful old ,old home. The foundation and walls are made of just mud. The roof is made of sod. Amazing! That why I called  ” Little House on The Prairie”


A Pretty Little Girl

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I know that this is not nature , but still had to post . She is such a beautiful little girl! I had the pleasure of taking her portrait.

Romantic Waterfall

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I found this little waterfall buried deep in the woods I was hiking in Shaws Nature Reservation In St. Louis Was a great place to have a picnic , and we did. Beautiful day. 





Love of Horses

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I captured this on a road trip also. I am always looking for horses. They are my favorite. The one is looking at me saying,” WHAT” LOL.

My love of Horses

Bright Yellow Tiger Swallow Butterfly

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Winter Rustic Barns


I capture this lovely post card effect during our snow storm. I could not believe that I got in my car  looking for things to photograph.  I guess I am a true photographer 🙂 I just love how the reds blend with the white .” So christmas ” Ready to do again!   Please feel free to go to my shop and check it out. I do sell my photos.Great gift for Christmas.  Thanks for looking!